A lightweight search tool that may come in handy for developers and coding enthusiasts who want to find code values inside hex patterns

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If you are learning to code and found yourself in a situation where you have to find and investigate hexadecimal values that are related to text elements, and you have just the command sequence to work with and no actual values, Hex Search might get you out of that pickle.

Hex Search takes executable files, scans them and lays out all the hex elements along with the corresponding symbols. The process is similar to a medical x-ray, where all the parts are exposed and ready for intervention.

UI and values display

Hex Search has a classic build that can be easily mastered, no matter the operator. After a file is loaded in, the interface splits into two parts, so the hex values and their designated symbols can be easily focused on.

The hexadecimal is listed in pages, as the interface has a limited size and it cannot be stretched or maximized. The red arrows let you cycle through the pages, while the red-yellow one sends you to the last page in an instant. However, the file’s position is tracked over the second panel, so the orientation won’t be an issue.

Search rules and patterns

Hex Search offers multiple ways of finding the bits of code you are interested in. Besides the case of sensitive and insensitive patterns, the tool can execute Text Wildcard Searches, which are helpful inquiries based on a general character search. For example, if you are looking for words that begin with “SOFT” the search key is “SOFT?.” If you need to find more accurate items, use the “SO?E” combination, where all the words that are starting with SO and ending with E are surfaced.

In conclusion, Hex Search provides extra insight regarding programming code that lacks literal values but the command sequence is partially or fully known.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Hex Search Tool and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂