A professional and powerful security tool that protects your computer using a USB Flash drive and prevents unauthorized access to your data

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While it may not seem like much, the truth is that not locking down your computer can result in a salty prank or worse, stealing your files, copying your passwords or impersonating you via your online accounts.

PREDATOR is a lightweight utility designed to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your computer, with the help of a USB flash drive.

It simply disables the functionality of your keyboard and mouse

First off, you need to plug a USB flash into your computer and allow the application to install the necessary components. Once this step is complete, you can restart the app and proceed to configure the settings.

The idea behind the tool is to render your mouse and keyboard inoperative until the right password is typed. Once either of them is used, the program displays a password dialog and you have 20 seconds to guess the passkey. If the correct password is not typed during this time, the alarm is triggered and you are going to receive an email notifying you about the attempt to access your computer.

Alternatively, you can set other actions to occur in case of unauthorized users. For instance, you can set up a sound file to be triggered when the timer expires, a feature that can determine anyone to give up their plan to access your computer while you are away.

A security tool that can be useful for anyone sharing their system

The application also permits you to adjust the darkness of the screen and apply this setting to multiple monitors, in case you are using more than one. Moreover, you can disable the autorun feature and make sure that they are unable to access it via external apps as well as minimize all windows and hiding the desktop icons.

All in all, PREDATOR is a tiny tool that can come in handy for anyone who works in an open office or perhaps, who needs to use their business computer in locations where multiple unknown people have access.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PREDATOR and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂