A boosted bookmark manager that brings more features to the table; features like paragraph and PDF bookmarking, cloud saving and more

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Firefox’s bookmark utility can cover most of the day-to-day necessities, but if you are looking to expand this area, you can give Scrapyard a try — a Firefox extension that offers several new features for more complex bookmarking.

Replaces the default BM system

After the extension is added to your browser, the panel that holds the default bookmark location will be occupied by the new app. However, the change is not permanent as the old BM bar can be reinstated by cycling the titles (combo menu atop the BM sidebar).

Store page fragments without marking the entire website

Isolating a small paragraph out of an entire article or a large content page is a cool feature that Scrapyward employs. If you are looking to save just a small bit of content and want to avoid re-locating it every time you want to get back, simply select the text and add it as a bookmark. PDF documents are also savable as bookmarks.

The entry would still display the website’s name, but upon accessing it, only the isolated text will be displayed, allowing for quick and efficient back-tracking.

Create new folders and add notes

Even though this function is relevant to the default BM as well, Scrapyard seems to have a much simple way of doing it. From the extension icon, you can create as many folders as you want and rename them, all in a couple of seconds.

Also, to each entry, a note can be added. The notes menu is separate and can be opened by right-clicking any entry and going to Open Notes.

Share to Dropbox or Pocket

Dropbox and Pocket account owners can send their bookmarked items directly to the cloud storage space. This comes as an extra backup level for people that are keen on having multiple copies for their content.

A nice alternative to the default BM

As mentioned above, Scrapyard is oriented towards users that want more flexibility regarding saving content as bookmarks. The possibility to save paragraphs and PDF files may get your interest, as well as saving directly to the cloud. Scrapyard’s ease of use similarity to the default service can make it a favorite for interested users.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Scrapyard and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂