Easily create a contacts list and view details about incoming calls while they are stored with this easy to use software application

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Phone calls are one of the fastest methods of sending and receiving info all around the world. What’s more, in big businesses, connections need to be properly and quickly set up. Using specialized applications like SmartCallMonitor you can create a contacts database and easily view and monitor incoming or outgoing calls.

TAPI compatible hardware required

You need to make sure your machine is TAPI compatible in order to fully take advantage of its features. However, Windows is already equipped with this technology so it shouldn’t be a problem. With this in mind, the service must be configured according to your area so that no errors occur during the monitoring process.

Add your contacts to a database

Once details and services are configured, you can start to create a database. Unfortunately, there is no import function so you can easily add contacts from other protocols or email clients, so you need to spend some time, depending on the amount of info you want to add. A list is created with your entries, with the possibility to quickly find anyone of interest using an integrated search engine.

View and store caller details

The application can spend most of its time hidden in the system tray once you hit the “Start” button. If correctly configured, you are alerted through a pop-up message regarding the person trying to contact you. Details are taken from your database and in case an entry is not found, more thorough research is automatically done online based on info gathered from the caller ID.

Additionally, the application lets you issue calls with the help of a dial pad. For enhanced security and management, a record is kept of all calls, with the possibility to select fields of interest. These can range from call and caller info, to name, address, company, time and more.

To end with

All things considered, SmartCallMonitor mostly shines if used in a big business where information mostly goes about through phones. Most time is spent configuring the contacts database, but once this is done, the application handles everything else, providing details you request.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SmartCallMonitor and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂