An application collection designed to help you organize information such as dictionaries and terminology lists with minimum effort

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TLex Suite is a comprehensive and fully-featured application package, designed to help terminologists, dictionary publishers and professional translators in their work, by helping them create word, expression and term lists.

A very interesting and useful bundle of apps specially designed for translators

TLex Suite includes four major components, namely TLex, tlCorpus, tlTerm and TlReader, each working together and providing users with complementary functions.

TLex is a great tool that can assist users in generating term lists and compiling general or specialized dictionaries, being of use to both individuals and organizations (educational or otherwise).

Straightforward graphical user interface

TLex offers a real-time preview of a newly created article, so users can quickly make any adjustments concerning pagination. An additional feature is the ‘Cross-Reference Tracking’ (or ‘Smart-Reference’) component that enables users to swap entries with similar senses. The ‘Automatic ‘Lemma Reversal’ function is designed to instantly generate the reverse side of a dictionary, allowing users to select the entries they want to be included for each reversed lemma.

The interface’s meta-language can easily be customized, to suit users’ terminological preferences, allowing them to label various concepts however they please.

About its components

tlCorpus can be of great assistance in studying authentic language usage, helping professionals compile databases of real, functional texts, based on which they can conduct language analysis operations and generate wordlists.

tlTerm is a reliable termbase editor that can be used to create term lists. These items can come in handy particularly to professional translators, providing them with the ability to quickly discover equivalent terms in two or more languages, thus simplifying their work significantly.

With tlReader, users can view TLex and tlTerm files easily, allowing them to swiftly browse through large files, to find the needed term or entry.

Improve your workflow when it comes to translations and terminology-related tasks

TLex Suite is a great piece of software that provides professional functions and features for dictionary-making and terminology related activities, offering advanced capabilities that enable users to successfully carry out their mission.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used TLex Suite and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂