Transform your USB drive into a security key for the personal computer and lock the PC down by simply removing the USB device from its port

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USB Raptor can turn your USB drive into a key for locking and unlocking your computer, so as to protect your private data from prying eyes while you are away from the PC.

Block access to the PC using a USB drive

Configuring the application is not difficult at all since all the options are clear and accessible. The USB flash drive must be connected to the computer for USB Raptor to identify the USB key serial number.

You start by assigning a password to the USB device and creating a lock file that will be stored on the removable drive. Each time a flash drive is connected to the computer, USB Raptor will search for this key in order to unlock the PC.

Allows multiple unlocking methods

There are two lock modes that you can choose from, namely ‘System lock’ and ‘USB Raptor lock’. You can instruct the application to use a random color for the lock screen and periodically change it, mute the PC volume during the lockdown and add a 5 seconds delay to cancel the task during this time interval.

Unlocking the computer is automatically done when you insert the correct USB flash drive, provided USB Raptor is armed. Alternatively, you can configure the application to allow unlocking with a master key, by sending a valid network unlocking message to your computer or by entering the previously set password on the lock screen.

Password-protect your PC and block access to files

With the help of USB Raptor, your USB flash drive can become a security key for your computer, not allowing access to files while you are away. To avoid accidental lockdowns, it also offers alternative unlocking methods.

For security reasons, the access to the USB Raptor‘s interface can also be password-protected, in order to prevent others from modifying your password or settings.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used USB Raptor and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂