Use this application if you’re dealing with writer’s block or you’d simply like to experience the good old type documents by using a typewriter days

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Even though we’re evolving at the speed of light, some of us do feel nostalgic when it comes to the past days. More exactly, we’re missing those times when you didn’t have to do one million things at the same time in order for society to approve of your behavior. Let’s look at writing, for example. Taking time to write is somewhat of a ritual for some, and it should be done without any other distractions. Authors Passage, a simple retro-looking console for writing, is exactly that.

Don’t look at the visuals, because they’re not representative

If you’re going to solely look at the way this app looks, you’re probably going to be disappointed. With Authors Passage, it definitely isn’t about the looks. It’s the functions and the whole philosophy behind it that make this application relevant. It was designed with writers in mind, and that is the group of people it will most likely serve. There are plenty of features to play around with. You can set word targets, use five different display modes and something the developer calls Sprint mode.

Write, create, don’t get distracted by modernity

As funny as it may sound, Authors Passage aims to become a sort of time-travel machine. By using it, not only will you find peace of mind while typing, but you will almost feel as if it is another environment. No social media to nag you, no notifications and no calls or messages from friends or unknown individuals. It’s as if your computer becomes a simple writing machine. Unfortunately, to support this idea of old-school and retro, editing capabilities have mostly been removed from this application. On the bright side, the program features autosave, so you won’t lose any important pieces of writing.

Authors Passage is definitely not an application dedicated to popular use. It does not feature many options, and it won’t fit everybody’s style. Instead, this application has a strong philosophy backing it up, something that does give it, in the end, a unique feeling. Regardless, the lack of features makes it unusable in most cases, so unless you’re a writer, there really is little this application can do for you.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Authors Passage and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂