Edit numerous image files at the same time, with the help of the batch processing capabilities of this application that features a tabbed editing workflow

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Users who work with multiple images and need to perform editing tasks with ease and efficiency might be seeking a solution to process the images simultaneously. Batch Photo Editor will offer batch processing features in a straightforward package that aims at increasing work efficiency and friendless.

A tab-workflow-based interface that features a crude layout

By far, the app’s interface doesn’t impress through its looks, and the primary processing is provided in the form of a tab-workflow. Users can indicate the folder where their images are, select the formats that are to be detected by the application and determine if the sub-folders are also included.

Some functionality issues become evident quite quickly, as users will realize that the app’s main interface cannot be resized and is being run in full-screen mode only, thus hiding the taskbar. Even more so.

Perform batch editing on images with the included set of features

A set of editing features are offered by the program in its tab array. Once the folder and image format details have been set, users can go step-by-step and determine the parameters for each of the different operations of the batch process.

First and foremost, image saving behavior can be set, then the main editing features come into play: rotation/mirroring, resizing, contrast-stretching, brightness correction, and color enhancing. The options aren’t so many, but for the requirements of most users, they might suffice.

Decent image batch editor that does a fair job at processing images

Those who require a simple tool for performing image editing over a series of images simultaneously could consider the batch processing capabilities of Batch Photo Editor. Although its feature set is limited to just several functions, those alone might be the right tools for resizing, rotating, correcting colors or even brightness when it comes to multiple image processing.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Batch Photo Editor and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂