A reliable decompiler for all Java developers, enabling them to process Java applets or binaries in order to rebuild the original source code

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A decompiler helps developers translate computer-readable projects into more abstract ones that can be interpreted by humans; however, the output is not an exact reconstruction of the source code, so it can only be used to get an insight into the code snippets originally used. DJ Java Decompiler provides you with the right tool for analyzing Java applets and binaries.   

The application does not require Java to function properly, so you can easily install the app onto your PC, as long as you run Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or 7.

In order to use the functions of DJ Java Decompiler, you need to open your project, be it *.class files, *.java, *.jar, *.RTF, *.TXT, *.jad or *.js ones. You can also drag and drop your files on the main window of the app, or you can use the newly-added item within Windows Explorer for all its compatible formats. Also, unlike other similar tools, this software utility can be used to decompile multiple files or an entire class tree at the same time, thus saving you time and effort.

In addition to its Java decompiling and disassembling functions, this application also features a fully functional Java editor that supports syntax-coloring.

Furthermore, DJ Java Decompiler can be suitable for studying JAVA bytecode as it allows you to edit, save, compile or print the generated java code. You can also rely on the integrated Applet Tag Editor for generating applets faster than before.

Once you have decompiled your Java project, you can save it to several extensions (*.java, *.jad, *.RTF, *.TXT and *.js) depending on the one that suits your developments needs better.

To sum up, DJ Java Decompiler can come in handy when you want to disassemble and decompile Java projects, so you need to use the 10 trial uses wisely to be able to evaluate the application and buy a license if you are satisfied with its performance.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used DJ Java Decompiler and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂