Use this online solution to track work time, on your own or with your team, see reports for each project and task, analyze productivity and invoice your clients.

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TMetric is a straightforward browser-based tool that enables companies and self-employed persons to track the time spent working. It provides the proper features to help them assign tasks, view each member’s productivity, measure projects’ profitability, examine detailed reports, and invoice their clients.

After signing up for a new account, the app wants to know if you plan to use its features on your own or along with other people. Once mentioned the organization’s name and size, you can integrate some of the most popular project management systems, such as Asana, Basecamp, Redmine, Jira, Teamwork, Trello, Wunderlist or Zendesk, to sync tasks and monitor time accurately.

Skip this step if it is not relevant to you and configure the online software to make sure it contains all the required data when begins the actual implementation. Invite colleagues, edit permissions, specify their billable and cost hourly rates, indicate the working day length and include each member in the appropriate team.

Besides this, you should add clients’ information, outline tags to better organize future duties and define several work types, if necessary.

The web-based solution enables users to track working hours by projects; therefore you need to create a new undertaking before launching the timer. Choose a meaningful name for each project, insert any combination of letters and numbers to allocate it a unique code, select the client, pick an icon in the open gallery and write a short description. Every undertaking must also include details about its billing rates, budgeting method, budget size, and team.

You cannot complete a project in a single phase, so you have to divide it into a series of tasks, smaller and easier to accomplish. Assign responsibilities to the right people and enable team members to track the hours they spend working on a specific job.

The online software generates many types of reports to help team managers and leaders analyze the productivity of each employee. They can filter results by team, person, undertaking, task or client, and even create invoices for their customers.

Bottom Line

TMetric offers a powerful solution to track the time spent working on projects and tasks within a very easy-to-use interface. The web-based app can integrate with a lot of project management systems, such as Trello, Asana, and Wunderlist, to help sync responsibilities. It gives access to detailed reports that enable managers and leaders to analyze work productivity in-depth and create invoices for their clients.

Included in the free version

  • Limited to 5 users:
  • Time tracking
  • Unlimited projects and clients
  • Reporting
  • Web app integrations

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used TMetric and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂