Use this neat program to join and manage your cloud space in one single instance, adding and removing files as you see fit from your united virtual space

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Joining all your cloud accounts in one big storage space must have sounded like a futuristic idea a long time ago, but with Air Cluster, it very much seems to be a reality. If you’re tired of having to separately manage your cloud accounts or don’t even have more than one because of this reason, Air Cluster might just change your mind. Joining all your cloud accounts into one is an option that could help you save a lot of time and money. How?

By virtually joining your cloud accounts into one big space

Supporting a substantial number of cloud services, the application makes adding your accounts easy. Once added, all of them are shown separately, each with its own particularities, but at the same time, you get to view a diagram reuniting all the space available from your added accounts. This application manages everything for you. You can decide how the program will handle your accounts.

Fill each of them with an equal amount of data or use one by one until they are full. United, free cloud accounts from various services could amount to well over 100GB of free space for you to store your files in. You won’t have to deal with login screens and credentials for each particular service.

…and by managing your accounts from one single workspace

Air Cluster doubles as a cloud space joiner and a control panel for the various services providing that space. Apart from simple things like language and/or app theme, one has the option of controlling download and upload speed limits, policies for downloading large files, a number of simultaneous uploads and failed transfer retries. All of these actions can be tracked using the application’s log, which will keep an eye on all your actions.

Air Cluster is definitely a well-thought solution for managing one’s various cloud accounts. It has the power to merge and control all your virtual space, and it could very easily be a factor in your productivity growth. Additionally, by having all your cloud accounts in one, you can also easily view any changes in terms of capacity, without having to log in to each particular service and check.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Air Cluster and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂