Create and configure an UPnP audio server with ease and share your entire music library with other devices connected to your network

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Asset UPnP offers you the possibility to set up an audio server that provides high-quality streaming capabilities and grants control over the browsing options.

This way, you get to share your music library to any device connected to your network that has installed a UPnP control point application.

Create a UPnP server and start streaming media right out of the box

When you launch the Asset UPnP application, the utility will automatically scan your Music folder and start streaming the content. Within the Asset UPnP main window, you get to see the number of tracks and albums, and you can easily rescan your resources anytime you like.

Worth mentioning is that Asset UPnP deals only with the server-side, so to be able to access the music library on a device connected to the network, you also need to have a client application deployed on the target side.

The best part is that you do not have to deal with any connection details: any UPnP client app should be able to detect and allow the user to interact with the Asset UPnP server without requiring any additional adjustments.

Configure the UPnP server and personalize the browsing capabilities

Within the Asset UPnP Configuration panel, you get to specify the folders that should be scanned for media content, and you can mention if the directory contains audio tracks or playlists.

What’s more, you get to personalize the browse tree, exclude certain audio types from the library, choose the format streaming for any of the supported audio file formats, apply a ReplayGrain effect, and make other general adjustments.

Asset UPnP also provides support for browsing popular internet radio stations or working with dynamic playlists or browsing. The best part is that you can configure the audio decoding, which means that you get to play tracks on devices that don’t support the original format.

A user-friendly and powerful solution for creating UPnP servers with minimal effort

To sum up, Asset UPnP automatically creates a UPnP server that can be accessed by any device that has a UPnP controller installed and is connected to your network.

The Asset UPnP server initially includes only the tracks stored in your Music folder, but you can easily add new source directories via the Configuration panel.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Asset UPnP for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂