Make your office work and gaming sessions endlessly more fun, frustrating, and unpredictable with a chaotic duck that wants to make your desktop its own

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Just like Goat Simulator before it, Untitled Goose Game has become something of an internet phenomenon, so much so that it has inspired artists and developers to create goose-related content in image, video, or even app form.

If you’ve tried Untitled Goose Game and are looking for a similar experience on your desktop, then do I have the app for you! Desktop Goose brings you an annoying goose companion that will wander across your screen and leave a trail of destruction and terrible memes in its wake.

Geese are cute, right?

Wrong. If you really believe that, you’re in for a rude awakening. The only thing a goose wants is for every living being around to know how much it hates them. If there’s no one around for a goose to terrorize, it will find someone. Today, that lucky someone is you.

Now that you’re the proud subject of your goose master, your life is about to get a lot more interesting. And by interesting, I mean scary and unproductive. Things will go wrong, and you have no idea when and how badly.

Life under your new goose overlord

At first, you might see the harbinger of doom wobbling across your desktop and think it’s fairly harmless. Until, of course, it decides to start tracking mud on your wallpaper, browser, and everything else you hold dear.

Not content to simply deface your pristine desktop, the goose will occasionally drag in awful memes, drawings, and notes, in its very own “Not-epad.” Not a big deal, right? You can just close them, right? Think again. You try that, and the goose will grab your mouse cursor to keep you from messing with its stuff every again.

Try to tame the goose… if you dare

All hope isn’t lost just yet. Before you quit the app and kill the goose for good, you can try to tweak the settings to make it less (or even more) annoying. You can prevent it from grabbing your cursor at random, specify how long it should wander around your desktop before it does something evil, and even give it a new paint job.

More interestingly, you can replace its sub-standard memes with superior ones and add some personal notes instead of the goose’s silly ramblings. Just open the dedicated folders from the app’s preferences and replace the files with your own.

Desktop Goose will make even the most mundane task a much more exciting experience, and it will help you appreciate just how amazing a goose-less life truly is. Just don’t let the goose read this, for my own good.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Desktop Goose for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂