If you want to manage add-ons for Garry’s Mod easier, this application is the tool you need for creating, updating or extracting required files

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Any gamer knows or has at least heard about Garry’s Mod. No matter what you consider it, a game, an application or a tool, the bottom line is that it is one of the more innovative takes in the gaming industry. A world without any rules, a free place where you can come up with your very own creations is a temple of creation and a place where your creativity should prevail always. What happens if you want to be a part of this world but you’re having a hard time working with terminals and implementing your ideas?

Give Garry’s Mod Addon Tool a try, and see if it makes things easier for you. The program promises to help less terminal savvy individuals have the same addon creation, extraction or updating opportunities as the rest of the users. It’s basically an interface for a couple of commands that you’d otherwise have to know and understand how to input. The application supports three specific commands that have to do with creating, updating or extracting game content.

Yes, it looks like a simple app, but in this particular case, this is due to the fact that its functionality is based on aiding individuals overpass one particular issue. It’s not made to bring new features to the game. This tool represents a new and more simple way to interact with the game’s content. It could help more experienced users be more productive, while at the same time it could contribute to encouraging newcomers to step in and create new content, update existing ones or simply extract the items they seek.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Garry’s Mod Addon Tool and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂