Create virtual audio devices to combine input from multiple sources and transfer audio between applications, with this easy-to-use tool

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Loopback is a handy macOS app that can be used for a variety of purposes and allows you to create virtual audio devices for merging multiple sound sources and transferring audio between applications.

While it may seem a bit complicated at first, things become remarkably simple once you understand exactly how Loopback works. It enables you to create virtual devices that aggregate input from multiple sources, such as a microphone or various applications, and can then be set as the default input device in other apps.

Nifty app that provides simple, cable-free audio routing for your Mac

Each device can be configured to draw audio from any application or input source, and you can even monitor the output in real-time.

Channel mapping is performed automatically, but you also have the option of configuring a virtual device manually, by dragging items from the audio sources table to the channel mapping table.

Transfer audio between apps using a simple pass-through device

If you wish to have a straightforward method of routing sound, you can set up a pass-through device that requires no configuration and sends audio from one app to another, provided it is set as the default input device in one application and the output in another.

Once you have completed the configurations, devices can be viewed in System Preferences and the app does not need to be running for the created virtual audio devices to be used.

Easy-to-use app that only needs to be running when setting up your devices

The application’s interface is straightforward and should pose no problems even to novice users. You can create as many devices as you like and enable or disable them at any time.

To conclude, Loopback is a well-designed app that can help you out in a multitude of situations, whether you need to perform complex audio processing jobs, record sound from multiple sources at once or simply send audio between apps.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Loopback for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂