Advanced backup and recovery solution for partitions, directories and files, featuring support for scheduled tasks, VBScripts and MS-DOS batch files

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Macrium Reflect Home Edition is an advanced software utility designed to help you back up files, folders, and drives by using many handy tools. It supports VBScript and MS-DOS batch files, along with scheduled tasks, among others.

Rapid installation and approachable UI

The setup procedure shouldn’t take a long time and requires little intervention. Macrium Reflect Home Edition is packed in a user-friendly interface that shows all main components in separate tabs.

Run partition backups with default settings

You can analyze disk information and select partitions to back up by specifying the destination (local folder or CD/DVD burner), as well as proceed with the default configuration if you’re in a hurry.

Configure advanced settings easily

Otherwise, it is possible to alter advanced settings regarding the compression (exact copy or Intelligent sector copy), file size (automatic or fixed), password and AES encryption, disk space management, post-task integrity checkup, comments, and power-saving mode (by setting the PC to automatically shut down, hibernate or suspend activity after the job is done). Plus, email notifications can be enabled on successful or failed tasks.

Generate VBScripts and MS-DOS batch files, scheduled backups

In addition, you can view, edit, execute and schedule backups and image definition files, generate VBScripts and MS-DOS batch files, schedule backups to automatically run one time or on a regular basis, restore images, files or folders from backups, as well as create backups only for files and folders instead of entire partitions, among others.

Additional tools

Several other tasks are available. Macrium Reflect Home Edition lets you create a rescue media in case Windows refuses to start, add a recovery boot menu option, edit default options for backup, restore, software update, scheduler, VBScripts, network, email, and other advanced options, convert images to VHD format, as well as view Windows VSS events.

Evaluation and conclusion

We have not come across any unpleasant surprises in our tests, since Macrium Reflect Home Edition did no freeze, crash or show error dialogs. It uses a regular amount of CPU and RAM and carries out backup jobs in a reasonable time. Its resourceful set of options and configuration settings should come in handy to power users.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Macrium Reflect Home Edition and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂