Keep track of your activities with the help of this lightweight piece of software that monitors your active app windows and idle times

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Tockler is a lightweight and straightforward piece of software that provides you with a simple way to keep track of your computer activities.

Simple activity monitor that looks good on later versions of Windows

It does so by monitoring the activity from every active app window and the overall idle times.

Getting started with the app only requires you to go through a surprise-free and quick installation process. Upon launching the app, you are met by a modern-looking and well-organized main window.

Offers a graphical representation of your activities

The application keeps track of your activity and displays it with the help of a comprehensive timeline and a very easy-to-read pie chart. By hovering with the cursor over the pie chart’s sections, you can get an accurate reading of how much time you have spent working with specific apps.

Additionally, you can also get a clear description of your activity by hovering with the cursor over the timeline chart. The timeline chart displays your activity split into time sections. Therefore, you can pinpoint the activity sections and view the starting and finishing times for using an app.

The LIST and SUMMARY sections offer more detailed info about your activities

If this seems a bit counter-intuitive for you, then you can get a more general view of your activities from Tockler‘s LIST section. As you can imagine, all your activities are displays in the form of a list, with details such as the app, the title, and the start and finish times.

The SUMMARY section allows to you to view even more activities side by side. For example, you can select even larger periods of time such as days, weeks, months and even years.

An honest and small-time tracking app for your computer

All in all, Tockler is easy to use and minimalist time utility that helps you keep track of your computer activities.

While it may not be what you would call feature-packed, you may actually prefer it over other, more complicated, time tracking apps out there precisely for its overall simplicity and accessibility.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Tockler and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂