A recipe database app that can manage a cookbook with more than 250,000 recipes, while allowing you to import, export, search, display, and print them

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Keeping track of all your favorite recipes might be a challenging tasks, especially if you are a passionate cook. AnyMeal is one of the apps that can help you organize them without a lot of hassle.

Import MealMaster recipes

The main function of AnyMeal is that you can import any MealMaster recipe into this application. Basically, you need to find an online source of compatible recipes, then load them and get the list of ingredients and the detailed steps for cooking.

The downside is that this is the only way to get recipes to the main window, as you cannot add them manually.

Explore and search for recipes

Once you have added several recipes, you might have a hard time browsing through them, so the search function can come in handy.

You can look for parts of recipe names, the category title or an ingredient. A very nifty function is narrowing the results by using several or all of these search types, one by one. For example, you can look for soups or salads that all share the same ingredient.

Export or print recipes

When it comes to exporting, you can choose one or multiple recipes to be exported – only TXT or MealMaster formats are supported. Additionally, you can choose the file encoding that matches your preferences.

Alternatively, you can print any chosen recipes and get a preview before you complete the task. This way, due to Windows’ default printer, you can get a PDF version of your recipes.


All in all, AnyMeal might seem a little bit rough around the edges. The MealMaster import and export is undoubtedly useful, yet it would surely be a great feature to be able to add your own recipes or modify existing ones.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used AnyMeal and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂