Paste text and process it in various ways with this tiny Swift-based app that can have its functionality extended with user-made plugins

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Whether you’re a developer or your job just involves working with text of any kind, chances are you’ve had to put it through some type of online formatter on several occasions. Obviously, that’s not the best idea when dealing with sensitive info, nor it is particularly efficient.

That is precisely why Boop was created. Mostly aimed at developers, it is a simple scratchpad where you paste your text and edit it in various ways. To do that, the app uses scripts, quite a few of which are built-in. If you know a bit of JavaScript, you can even create your own for more specific needs.

Just Boop it

In a world where web technologies seem to be making their way into many of our desktop apps, Boop is refreshingly built with Swift, making it lightweight and efficient. It integrates well with the OS and doesn’t use up a browser’s worth of memory in the process.

To edit some text, simply paste it in the main window. You’ll notice that the app supports both syntax highlighting and line numbering, which is great if you’re into coding and stuff. Once you’re done being amazed, press ⌘B to open the script picker.

Scripts aplenty

Like any native app that shuns the use of web tech outside of a browser, Boop relies on JavaScript for its plugins. A fair number of them are included, allowing you to add or remove slashes, encode or decode text, convert dates, calculate hashes, and much more.

Depending on what you need to do, simply start typing the command’s description and the app will provide appropriate suggestions. After using a script, you can press ⇧⌘B to run it again. To clear everything, use ⌘N.

Even more scripts

While Boop comes with a decent number of tools, we all have particular needs when it comes to processing text. It helps to know a bit of JavaScript, but it really isn’t that difficult to create your own plugins, and the developer provides highly detailed instructions on how to get started.

If you’re more the plug-and-play type, you can check out this folder in the project’s GitHub repository. New scripts should be added here by the community, and you can just download and integrate them directly.

In the end, Boop is as useful as its integrated plugins. There are a decent number of preloaded ones, but the app has many other potential uses, provided you’re imaginative enough with your plugins. Alternatively, you can just wait for the community to create them as the app grows in popularity.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Boop for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂