A minimalist and straightforward software solution that can add multiple timezone clocks on your desktop, according to your configuration

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When traveling abroad, everyone keeps track of the timezone in their home town so as to call their family at the right time.

Rather than constantly calculating the time difference, you can try a dedicated app that displays a timezone clock, such as mclocks.

Minimalist timezone clock

Once you install this utility to your computer, you get a tiny bar where you can read the current date and time for several cities.

Things start to get a little bit tricky when it comes to replacing these default cities with new ones, as you need to manually modify the data from the JSON file (you can use Notepad to open it).

You need to keep in mind that regardless of the parameter you tamper with, you need to close and re-launch the app to view the changes.

Add towns to the timezone clocks

First of all, it is important to preserve the same structure of the file when adding new towns. In other words, you need to enter its name, then the continent and the name again. The country does not need to be mentioned.

Customize colors of the clock

If you are not pleased with the default color scheme, you can easily change it. You only need to enter the new HEX color codes in the dedicated fields from the JSON file.

This way, you can adjust not only the text color but also the background. You can even remove the background altogether if you set mclocks to only display text within its desktop bar.

Alter additional settings

Alternatively, you can tamper with the default value for the opacity until you are pleased with the outcome. You can also set the timezone clocks to always stay on top of other windows.

To summarize

In a nutshell, mclocks can come in handy all those who do not necessarily need a fancy GUI to appreciate an application.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used mclocks and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂