Get inventive with a network-based music program that was built for creatives who love rhythmical sounds and generating patterns of MIDI notes

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Music Pattern Generator is a free, open-source program that aims at offering a solution for creatives who want to play and better understand the functionality and the role of electronic connectors in making/editing music.

Internal structure and mechanisms

The internal structure of the tool is simple and on point. Like most sophisticated modern programs, it creates a network of focal points (sometimes called nodes) that do something: contain data, perform an action, or generate something with (re)directed output, etc. It is the case for Music Pattern Generator — the tool creates a network of processors (modules) that are set individually (modular setup).

The mechanisms the tool uses are connection-based: links established between the three available processors (Euclidean that generates Euclidean rhythms, Euclid FX that transforms incoming MIDI notes, and Output that sends notes to MIDI output ports). All the created modules/processors must have the connectivity mode enabled in order to allow association.

Input, output, and MIDI learn

The main panel is the ‘the playground’ where these processors are interconnected. Each processor has its own editor panel to modify the settings (steps, pulses, notations, rate, note length, MIDI Out: channel, pitch, velocity). The output processor sends the incoming MIDI-generated data to a previously directed output of the app. The program produces and transmits data to MIDI-enabled devices with the objective of generating sounds and taking command of the parameters.

Music Pattern Generator also allows for automation, meaning it will take MIDI Continuous Control data from the inputs that have the Remote option enabled. The modules’ settings can then be remote-controlled using an external MIDI controller that sends Continuous Control (CC) messages. In the ‘MIDI Learn’ mode, you assign controllers to the settings of the processor; later on, these links are listed in the ‘Assignments’ panel.


To summarize, the app is an excellent initiative that offers a free alternative for both beginners and professionals. It is simplistic and even has basic explanatory documentation and a presentation for those who just started using it.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Music Pattern Generator and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂