An intuitive and feature-packed software application that allows you to explore, modify and create maps for many outdoor activities

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Many people prefer to decide on a specific route before leaving on vacation or prior to starting some outside activities like hiking or going on a family trip in the middle of nature.

In case you are interested in creating a personalized map and decide on a path to follow to a certain destination, a utility like OkMap might be the tool you need to create your custom route.

Employs GPS collected data in a versatile environment

Feature packed and not too difficult to operate, this software solution is able to use GPS collected data and combine all the necessary elements into a custom map that can then be uploaded to the navigational system.

The interface is not among the most appealing ones, but it serves its purpose very well. Therefore, you can add, edit and save the data needed to make the maps you want without too much hassle. There are numerous viewing options and scaling can be done in a wide variety of modes, from 1 meter per pixel up to 100 kilometers per pixel.

Packs an NMEA simulator and support Google Maps

With support for waypoints, tracks, and routes, OkMap is also able to handle Google Earth and Google Maps files. Thus, GPX maps can be converted to vectorial data and vice versa, waypoints into toponyms, and the other way round.

The navigation-related features of this program are numerous as it can establish satellite connections and even comes with an NMEA simulator. The accompanying utilities are also many and meant to provide access to maps server, routing and geocoding functions.

Various converters are available, like those for distances and coordinates, while a powerful calculator for complex math expressions is included as well.

A handy utility for creating custom maps for various purposes

On the whole, OkMap can certainly impress through its wide array of capabilities and it should rise to the expectations of the more experienced users.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used OkMap and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂