Access your favorite Google Suite tools directly from Chrome’s toolbar with the help of this simplistic yet efficient, little extension

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Whether you are a fan of Google’s Suite and the amazing tools it provides or you are not, there’s no denying their effectiveness and the overall benefits they provide – really, there’s nothing one could reproach (except maybe some nitpicks here and there).

If you’re using some of the Google Suite tools on a daily basis, though, here’s a small extension that might help you with your work. It’s called Suite Shortcuts, and it provides instant access to some of the most popular tools such as Google Documents, Google Slides, and Google Sheets directly from Chrome’s toolbar.


The extension’s look and functionality are nothing to write home about but, even so, the overall package might come in handy for some users. From its minimalist GUI, you can create a new document, slide, or sheet, as well as access the general menus for the aforementioned tools.

This can be done by simply clicking the extension’s icon and selecting any of the available options or via a set of smart controls as follows: to create new files type “new/doc,” “new/slide,” and “new/sheet” in Chrome address bar. Similarly, you can access their respective Drive menus by typing “go/docs,” “go/slides,” and “go/sheets” in the browser address bar, and that’s pretty much it.

Bottom Line

Even though it’s not the most comprehensive tool out there, Suite Shortcuts can bring value to your work if you happen to find yourself primarily using the aforementioned Google tools. Sure, it won’t fit everybody’s workstyle and needs since it only supports Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets, but it’s incredibly easy to use and quite useful under the right circumstances.

It’s somewhat of a shame that the extension doesn’t support other tools in the Google Suite, but maybe some of them will be added in the future by the extension’s developer.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Suite Shortcuts and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂