A customizable website scraper that works based on the crawling scripts you create, extracting business leads data from any webpage

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A web scraper extracts relevant information from a website, presenting it in an organized manner. Most applications of this kind can only target specific websites but Anysite Scraper is a bit different. This particular application enables you to build crawling scripts from scratch, delivering a customizable website scraper to meet the needs of any user.

Watch video tutorials to understand how it works 

Working with Anysite Scraper is not so difficult once you get the hang of it but note that, at first, you might need to take the time to read the instructions in the documentation and watch the video tutorials closely to understand how everything works, especially since the developer offers no support for creating a project script. There are online videos that show you how everything works step by step, both with a short profile project video and a detailed profile project video.

Build your own scraper with XPath from scratch 

There is a set of sample scrapers that you can download from within the application and use them freely but the website scraper builder enables you to create the crawling script yourself using XPath. The Builder features an integrated browser that you can use to preview the page to crawl.  You get to define everything from the URL to search, the columns to be extracted and the items to ignore during the analysis. Furthermore, the builder can be configured to automatically scroll the page before extraction or when loading the next page.

To help you define the fields to extract, Anysite Scraper provides a HTML field selector that enables you to see the found xPath, as well as the extracted text and HTML data. Fields can be easily managed: you can define their attributes, select their parents and siblings, configure indexing options, and more.

Create scrapers to extract business leads information from websites 

Anysite Scraper offers the platform to help you create your own web scraping scripts and use them with your target webpages. The purpose is to help you automatically extract relevant web data and business leads info, such as the business name, its website, contact information and address, email, working hours, and so on. All these details can be exported to Excel or CSV format.

It is advisable you test the application with the website you want to crawl, as and it does not guarantee that all websites are supported. For instance, it doesn’t work with Linkedin or Google Maps.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Anysite Scraper and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂