Generate HTML templates based on your custom HTML or Markdown pages, all thanks to this standalone and intuitive website generator

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AutoSite is a website generator that enables you to conveniently start creating a webpage and work in a user-friendly environment with a powerful built-in editor. Although many might prefer the graphic interface, AutoSite also comes with a command-line version that allows console usage.

Quickstart dialog to quickly create the website structure 

Thanks to the quickstart dialog, creating a new webpage becomes much easier. The first step is to create a new template, while the second already allows you to create the index page of your site. AutoSite comes with support for both HTML and Markdown and, at this particular moment, you get to choose the language you will be using.

Several files can be included in the website resources list, files that can be later referenced in your templates or pages. Next, AutoSite can easily build your website. Before publishing, it is recommended you choose the sanitary build, as this option removes old files from the output folder.

Integrated attributes manager and code editor 

Once the webpage is generated, its structure is shown in the main window of AutoSite, in a tree view, which allows quick and convenient resource browsing. Aside from the site browser, the main window encloses the code editor and the attribute map, alongside the activity log. The attributes system provides powerful conditional support, which allows you to compare an attribute with a value.

The integrated code editor comes with the basic feature set a HTML programmer needs: line numbering, code highlighting, built-in debugging and website building. Live previewing is possible, also within the main window.

HTML or Markdown website generator 

With support for HTML and CommonMark Markdown, AutoSite delivers a handy site generator that can help anyone build up a webpage without too much effort. From the beginning, when a quickstart prompt enables you to create a basic website structure within just four simple steps, to writing HTML code in the built-in editor, the user experience we had with AutoSite was pleasant.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used AutoSite and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂