Keep your non-productive habits in check with the help of this Chrome extension that allows you to make addicting and distracting websites less attractive by graying them out

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What’s the best way to stay productive in this always entertaining online world of ours? The answer is obviously – discipline. If you happen to lack some of that legendary will of steel, then you can always employ the service of website blockers (usually found in the form of browser extensions).

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a typical website blocker, as most of them tend to do their jobs rather well. After all, what’s blocked can’t be accessed, and thus, in theory, you’ll be more productive. However, there’s another way – a cool, little Chrome extension called BW_BROWSER.

Grayscale is nice in sleek photography, less so when it comes to websites

The name might not be appealing, but once you know what it does, it will make sense. In short, BW_BROWSER proposes a new alternative to this whole website blocking affair: it allows you to gray-out entire websites of your choosing.

This should, in theory, help you with your Internet/Social Media addiction by making the websites in question a lot less appealing.

Gray, gray, gray everything

To get started, just install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and once you find yourself visiting a website that doesn’t encourage you to be productive, click its small icon on Chrome’s toolbar.

Continue by clicking the “Block this Website” button from the upper part of the GUI, and then select which websites the filter should be active on. You can choose to gray-out all websites, just the “blocked” ones, of none.

You can also check out which websites have been added to the so-called “gray list” by clicking the “here” button, and that’s pretty much it.


While not that aggressive or arguably that efficient as most other website blockers, BW_BROWSER does present an interesting alternative to keeping oneself productive. If you’re still having doubts about its effectiveness, try setting your phone to grayscale for a couple of days – you’ll see what we mean.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used BW_BROWSER and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂