Manage your SAS macro code files and SAS macro libraries with a program that will help you keep all the information in one place by creating a compact and comprehensive knowledgebase

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ClinMacroDoc is a program that will convert your SAS macro code and libraries into navigable documents. It is a flexible and easy-to-use resource that can help you create simple user guides.

Get to know the tool and SAS code essentials

ClinMacroDoc is a program that will enable access to a free, simple, and effective tool for those who need to efficiently handle loads of SAS macro code files and entire SAS code libraries. The tool is free and extremely small in size.

One extra benefit that is greatly welcomed is the user guide manual in the ZIP file that contains ClinMacroDoc. This PDF document offers valuable information on how to install, set, and use the program. It has detailed instructions and visual indicators for each process.

The SAS format is used for SAS files — documents written in the SAS programming language that was created using C. The whole purpose of this programming language is to create and manage statistical data. Furthermore, it would be useful to mention that SAS refers to large software packages that are needed for the same purposes as the programming language.

How to best use the tool to your advantage

In order to best understand how to benefit from the program’s capabilities, you must first understand how to use it. After installation, open the tool and select the location where you have the SAS files contained. For most optimal results, test different options with a copy of the originals and check the output.

After selecting the inputs’ locations, select where you want to save the output. The application only accepts SAS format documents and generates XML documents. Regarding the conversion process, you have the following options: launch the results after completion, include SAS macro code in the guide or not, and schedule documentation creation. When enabled, the latter will allow you to select the desired interval (daily, weekly, monthly) and the preferred time.


ClinMacroDoc is a valuable resource for edge case situations when handling SAS files is mandatory. Having large sets of data that need to be transposed into navigable documents for easier access and management can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, ClinMacroDoc is the free and easy solution you were looking for.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ClinMacroDoc and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂