This app will help you handle your SAS data with ease and efficiency, thanks to a series of purpose-fit statistics data manipulation tools

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Working with statistical data, be it in simple, textual form, or more complex, tabular type, can most of the time require specialized software. More so than that, visualizing such data can also command the need for purpose-fit tools. Datasly tries to accomplish both of the aforementioned roles, by offering users a centralized platform for viewing and manipulating statistical data, especially useful when dealing with proprietary SAS information.

Excel-style interface that offers a familiar feel and intuitive handling

Right off the bat, for those who are accustomed to working with Office products, the app seems to follow resemblance with the Excel interface and layout combo. A neat toolbar strip at the top offers quick access to all features and the tabular data is displayed in a separate, super-imposed view.

For those who SAS data is at their work’s core, the app offers a way to connect to such libraries, in order to achieve increased efficiency and avoid manually adding individual files.

Load your data, visualize it efficiently using filters or rely on SLQ manipulations for displaying the required information

Some of the app’s highlights include a dedicated filtering module, which can really help users speed-up their workflow. Furthermore, support for grouping, pivot tables as well as charts is also provided, one being able to migrate the data to an Excel instance in just a single click.

If more advanced data manipulation techniques are required, the provided SQL module offers quick and efficient handling, thanks to a query editor that also sports a preview of the loaded contents.

Capable data visualizer app that is of particular relevance to those who work with SAS-type data

This application will provide users with an efficient means of visualizing and handling statistical tabular data. With support for multiple formats and dedicated tools for filtering or performing selections through SQL, Datasly can be a good partner for the avid statistician.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Datasly and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂