Effortlessly find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles or websites directly from your trusty Chrome browser with the help of this neat extension

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Snovio is a so-called “cold outreach automation platform” that aims to offer some of the best tools for all users who rely on email outreach and outbound research.

Meet Email Finder

Email Finder is one respective tool and, as its name clearly states, is all about finding emails, but also about catering to the needs of recruiters, sales managers, and online marketers.

More to the point, it allows recruiters to extend their sourcing resources, it makes it easier for sales managers to find relevant emails and send triggered emails, and for marketers to find and research websites and get in touch with their owners with little to no effort.

Email Finder – general description

If you happen to use Chrome as your primary browser, then you might want to check out Email Finder for Chrome. It’s an extension that allows you to take full advantage of what Email Finder (as a service) has to offer.

This includes the ability to find emails by domain, by company, and even from names. Furthermore, you can collect emails using a feature called Boolean Search that allows you to search for multiple lead sources in order to find the perfect prospect. You can browse by location, skills, and position, as well as use other similar filters.

The main advantage this Chrome extension brings is the fact that it allows you to save a lot of time by saving email addresses and prospects from most popular professional networks.

To conclude, Email Finder for Chrome is a well-designed tool that should come in handy to recruiters, sales managers, and marketers.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Email Finder for Chrome and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂