Improve your overall browsing experience with Chrome by installing a small extension that provides a useful New Tab page full of features

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We’ve all tried a New Tab extension for one of our browsers at least once. Some are not at all close to what we thought they were, but those that are good usually end up staying on our browsers for a while until we get bored with them eventually.

Mue Tab for ChromeΒ is one such extension and its main goal is to slightly improve your browsing or user experience with Chrome.

Is Mue Tab different from other New Tab extensions?

The short answer is – no, not really. However, that doesn’t mean it’s on the bad side of things. That said, here’s what this New Tab page has to offer.

Like most tools of this sort, it provides you with a clock, a photo background, and a handpicked quote each time you open a new tab. It also boasts a search bar (powered by DuckDuck.Go), a customizable greeting, and a Dark theme for its minimalist Settings section.

Some extra thoughts

By now, it’s quite clear that the tool’s main goal is to be as unobtrusive and as smooth as possible. And it totally is. despite its simplicity, it feels decently polished, and it even features some customization options. These include the ability to tweak the background blur level, personalized greetings, and the option to choose your preferred time format.

Since privacy is such a big issue nowadays, we’re happy to see that the team behind Mue Tab has made the code public on GitHub. This means that anyone can take a look at its code and see for themselves that the extension does not collect any private data.

To conclude, Mue Tab for Chrome is a nice New Tab extension that doesn’t necessarily break the norm, but it’s definitely up there with the best tools of this sort. If you like quotes, decent images, or the ability to personalize greetings, then Mue Tab might fit your style quite well.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Mue Tab for Chrome and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚