Program for creating sitemap.xml sitemaps without restrictions on the number of pages. Supported map format in the form of HTML, XML, CSV and a simple list.

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Having a sitemap is important for SEO-related reasons, especially if your website is large if it is new or it features lots of media content. A sitemap file is easily crawled by search engines, which are then able to discover each page much easier and index it and eventually its alternate language versions if any. Open Sitemap Builder provides a way for you to generate the sitemap file of a website, regardless of its size and the number of linked pages.

Crawl a website to build its sitemap 

Working with Open Sitemap Builder is not difficult at all, as it only features a one-window interface where you can enter the URL of the webpage you want it to scan. It features support for HTTP and HTTPS protocols and recognizes cyrillic in URLs.

As soon as you hit the “Start” button, the application initiates the analysis and starts crawling the website page by page, discovering all the links to build up the sitemap. Once started, this process cannot be paused, but only canceled.

Save the sitemap in HTML, XML, CSV or a text file 

Open Sitemap Builder detects the default browser on your system and uses it as a UserAgent in the crawling process. However, you can change this setting with ease.

There are four separate tabs in Open Sitemap Builder’s main window, each displaying the sitemap in a different format. The application comes with support for HTML, XML, CSV, and text output, allowing you to save the sitemap in one of these file formats. Alternatively, you can easily copy the list of webpages to the clipboard with the click of a button.

Each tab associated with one of the aforementioned formats encloses an editor with basic features, namely line numbering, syntax highlighting, appropriate text arrangement, and so on. You can modify the font of the editor in the Settings window. Additional configuration options enable you to set a list of file extensions to ignore during crawling.

A simple sitemap generator 

Open Sitemap Builder is rather fast and works with websites of any size, generating the sitemap file and allowing you to preview and save it in several formats. Working with it is intuitive and, what’s more, no installation is required to run it, so no footprints are left on the local system. In conclusion, it is worth trying if you are on the lookout for a simple sitemap generator.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Open Sitemap Builder and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂