Create stunning 2D textures, blocks, sprites, and tile maps with the help of this very straightforward application capable of pixel-art procedural generation

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Rectitude is a procedural generation pixel art editor that allows users to build pretty much everything from parametric texture pieces or blocks, sprites, all the way up to highly complex scenes like landscapes, cityscapes, and so forth.

Since it does not have much in terms of requirements, the application can be installed on pretty much any modern computer. Upon launching it for the first time, users can either open an already existing project from their computer’s hard-disks or opt to start one from scratch.

Because Rectitude is a procedural generator, users have to learn to create pixel art by adding nodes to the graph, connecting the nodes, using a couple of basic transformation nodes (such as cut, move, enlarge, colorize, etc.), change the properties of the value nodes, and finally, export the generated 3D or 2D object.

One big advantage is represented by the fact that the app comes equipped with various pre-built content. For example, you can effortlessly add various textures such as wood, stone, cement, and even glass, sprites, as well as scenes.

To conclude, Rectitude is a nifty Windows-only application that, if mastered, allows users to create their pixel art environments with ease. Users can support the project on its official page, where they’ll also be able to download various samples and access useful tutorials in the Devlog section.