Access extensive collections of diverse forums, enjoy your favorite content, and engage with communities you share the same interests with using this Reddit client-side application for Windows 10

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ReddPlanet is a client-side application specially designed for Windows 10 users. It aims at bringing the full Reddit experience closer to you by making the web service available on desktop and also, cross-device.

Reddit viewer on multiple devices

ReddPlanet offers a great advantage; it allows you to see the Reddit content on multiple devices. The program can be installed on Xbox, PC, mobile devices, and even on HoloLens (Microsoft’s device for creating virtual reality displays which they call ‘mixed reality’ and that allows for apps installation).

ReddPlanet has a lot of display customizations available. These are definitely of great advantage when trying to access the program from different devices. You can access articles and content in normal or full-screen mode, enlarge post preview images, adjust the theme to fit your needs, change the placement of the menu, and modify the post-viewing options.

Pros and cons

ReddPlanet is a well-structured program that still needs improvements. Probably the best thing about it is the fact that the developer who built it is actively engaged with the users. There are regular updates with detailed reports, users’ complaints are being answered, and last but not least, the bugs and malfunctions reported by users are getting fixed. However, these things do not happen overnight and sometimes the fixes take a long time to happen, which can be frustrating.

Some functionalities that could be improved: the in-app video player does not always load external links hosted on other websites (e.g. YouTube), and the comments section that is pretty buggy (sometimes, you get errors when trying to add comments to specific articles/posts and deleting these comments is not always possible).

Final verdict

To conclude, ReddPlanet is a free program that seems to be a work in progress. If you are not quite eager to engage with others and just want to use it as a Reddit viewer, then it should be more than enough for this task; the tool is fast, customizable, and has a modern-looking GUI.

If you mainly use Reddit for active communication and engagement, ReddPlanet might not be for you as the tool does have some malfunctions that could make you frustrated; with this knowledge in mind, you can make an informed decision.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ReddPlanet and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂