A reliable text editor that supports a plethora of functions, including converting your text to upper- or lowercase with a single mouse click

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When people say ‘text editor,’ the first app that comes to mind is Notepad. However, there are many alternatives that are not only better looking but also more feature-packed, such as Sakura Editor.

Old-school GUI

The appearance of Sakura Editor might not be as shiny or polished as that of other modern utilities out there, yet it more than makes up in features.

You can start exploring them by creating a new document from scratch or by opening a compatible file from your computer (TXT, LOG, CPP, HTML,SQL, CBL, JAVA, ASM, BAT, TEX, CGI, PY, RTF, INI and so on).

Convert lettercase with hotkeys

A nifty function for a text editor is that of changing the letter case without you needing to stop working on your project. Sakura Editor allows you to do it either using the dedicated menu entries or via hotkeys.

In other words, you can convert selected text to lower- or uppercase by simply pressing the dedicated hotkey combination (unfortunately, you cannot modify it).

Supports multiple tabs and tiles

Another useful feature of Sakura Editor is that you can open several documents at the same time and have them displayed side-by-side (the window can be split horizontally or vertically).

Alternatively, you can cascade all open windows or create tab groups.

Change the file’s encoding

You can also use Sakura Editor to modify your file’s encoding by re-opening it with the target one (SJIS, EUC, Latin, UTF-16, UTF-8, CESU-8, and others).

To summarize

In a nutshell, Sakura Editor can easily become your go-to solution no matter if you only want to insert the current time and date in your text document or if you simply want to open multiple tabs.

Add to that the fact that most, if not all, actions can be performed via dedicated hotkeys, and you can start to appreciate the potential of this app.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sakura Editor and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂