Create soundtracks on your computer thanks to this application, which provides VST support and features a built-in music notation viewer

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As its name suggests, SoundTrackComposer is designed for music and video producers, allowing them to generate soundtracks for movie clips. From putting together audio tracks to recording them and appending them lyrics, you can do it all with this all-in-one application.

Those who work in the music business are familiar with interfaces filled with lots of options but beginners might find the appearance of SoundTrackComposer to be a bit overwhelming. The main and single window comprises all the tools and options of the application, including a virtual keyboard, songs and tracks buttons, sample boxes, playback controls, and so on. Leaving aside the looks, SoundTrackComposer is a powerful tool for those who know how to take advantage of its entire feature set.

Rich toolset for creating soundtracks 

Starting to work with SoundTrackComposer is easy. First of all, the application comes with a generous set of demo tracks that you can use to test its capabilities and provides a comprehensive package ready to meet the requirements of music producers.

SoundTrackComposer can generate bass lines with various instruments, playing the role of a step sequencer. It can create instrument melodies and chord progressions and it providing support for different audio file formats (WAV, OFF, WMA, MP3, MIDI) and it bundles a VST host to help you add interesting effects to your creation.

It also brings to the table a built-in music notation module that helps you view notes and learn songs much easier. Furthermore, it features an integrated text editor that can help you create the lyrics for the new song.

All-in-one music creation software 

SoundTrackComposer can act as a step sequencer, a VST host, and a music notation application, providing all the tools you need to compose soundtracks on your computer. It can play and record songs and it comes with various tools that are mandatory for a musician, such as a 10-band equalizer. In other words, it bundles everything you need to create appealing soundtracks. All that is left for you to add to the mix is a bit of talent and a lot of work.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SoundTrackComposer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂