Test your APIs with an intelligent Chrome extension that can help you identify and establish REST and HTTP APIs behavior and distinctive functioning patterns

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Talend API Tester is a Chrome extension that enables access to a wider range of API testing services, all through their online web application. This service also allows you to create and test assumptions, plus automate and integrate your API testing sequences on a Continuous Integration (CI) system.

Main testing functionalities and shareability

Talend API Tester is a versatile tool that will greatly boost your productivity. It is a complex testing service that only integrates with the Google Chrome browser. After installing the extension, the API testing service is always one click away.

The modern-looking platform has an excellent GUI with neatly structured data. You can find anything you are looking for —  the full testing services, induction plans, rich and updated documentation, step-by-step guides on how to set your API requests, and exceptional shareability capabilities.

Talend API Tester favors collaboration with other colleagues and even entirely different teams. You can choose to share a test project, add a specific request/service/API testing scenario, or to extract/clone data and variables from commonly-shared environments with other teammates. Moreover, you can see detailed reports and logs on all users’ activity.

Successfully automating your API tests

Automating your API tests has never been easier. First, you create your classical testing mechanisms and define your assertions. Then, you test these assumptions and, implicitly, determine your API’s behavior based on the following response characteristics: status code, headers, body length and content, duration, status message, JSON body (using the JSON Path), and XML body (using the Xpath).

Secondly, you create projects and integrate subtasks and chosen request types. Then, the next step is creating fully automated mechanisms — the initial step in automating your test scenarios is to install the Maven plugin and the necessary Java development kit (Java JDK 8 or above). Finally, you should be able to run the tests you previously included in the project section straight from your command line.

A fully optimized testing ecosystem in a Chrome extension

Whether or not you are in great need of an API testing Chrome extension or service, giving Talend API Tester a try won’t cost you anything. The service is free and has a plethora of useful features and options, easily manageable parameters, plus splendidly-structured and very well written documentation. Additionally, the whole platform stores historical data so re-analyzing and sharing with your workmates all past results will be even easier now.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Talend API Tester and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂