Locks passwords, contact information and credit card details in a single location, so you just have to remember a single, Master Password

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It is recommended to use a different password for each account you use, which means you might need to remember more than a handful of passphrases. TweakPass is one of the applications that can spare you from this effort.

Requires browser extensions

Before being able to use this app at its full potential, you need to install at least one extension in various compatible browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera).

Once this step is completed, you can scan your PC for any credentials that might have been saved by the browser’s default password manager. Next, you can explore the unprotected usernames and passwords, then choose the ones you want to import in the vault of TweakPass.

Generate a database of credentials

After all the data is imported, your vault will be filled with the credentials you used to login to multiple websites.

At this point, you can customize some details, like the website’s title, or the folder where it is stored. You can also set certain data to never be auto-filled or to automatically require password re-prompt.

You can also view the current password and its strength – however, you cannot generate a stronger one using this app,so a third-party solution is needed.

Create secure notes

Another function of the application is that you can add secure notes for a wide range of purposes: bank account, credit card, driver license, email account, health insurance, passport, social security, software license, SSH key or WiFi password.

Add form fillers

Additionally, TweakPass can also be used to build a collection of data that is automatically filled on compatible websites, via the aforementioned extensions.

To summarize

In a nutshell, you can rely TweakPass to keep all your usernames and passwords in a vault, so that you no longer need to remember them all. Instead, you need to only memorize a single Master Password that unlocks your safe.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used TweakPass and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂