An educational application for small kids that enables them to learn about transport means with 3D images, simulations and sounds

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No matter if it is a boy or a girl, many children are fascinated by transport means in their quest to discover the world. Parents can show cars, buses, and trains in real life but, when this is not possible, they can also call books or digital applications. Vehicles for Kids 3D offers an interactive method for kids to learn about different means of transportation.

View transport means in 3D

Designed especially for children greater than 18 months or so, Vehicles for Kids 3D enables little ones to view different kinds of transportation means in 3D. There are three different categories users can choose from, namely air, maritime and urban transport. Planes, ships and cars are all shown in 3D, allowing little ones to see how they move around and interact with the digital model.

Not just that children can see how the transport means looks like in 3D but they can also hear the pronunciation of the name and see it written, and hear the sound the shown vehicle produces.

Autoplay and quiz modes available 

Parents will be happy to find out that there is an autoplay mode, which switches between the transport means without intervention. When in autoplay mode, the application will let the 3D vehicle run and then switch to the next, keeping the children entertained and have them learn the name of each transport means.

There is also a quiz mode, which lets children play a game in which they have to choose the right answer to the question from four different pictures. This way, they can easily test their knowledge about transport means.

Let children learn about vehicles with an application 

Vehicles for Kids 3D is interesting for small children, allowing them to satisfy their curiosity about transportation. Of course, the application could be enriched with a few more details about vehicles that the child can learn about but, overall, it is worth having around if the little one is passionate about cars, planes, buses or boats.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Vehicles for Kids 3D and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂