Improve your productivity and simplify your work with Git with the help of this user-friendly and very helpful application that acts as GUI for the popular distributed version-control system

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Git, the popular distributed version-control system, has since long been one of the best staple tools for programmers worldwide. Despite its amazing strengths and clear list of advantages, Git, in all its complexity, can prove to be somewhat daunting for newbies.

If you find Git a bit too overwhelming yourself, then check out Vershd, an incredibly useful Git GUI that is all about protecting your work, improving your workflow with Git, and ultimately, saving you as much time as possible while working with the said platform.

Fully master Git with Vershd

One of the biggest advantages that this app brings is the fact that it automatically protects your code by allowing you to preview “into the future.” To be more precise, you can preview exactly what each action does or doesn’t do before fully committing to changes.

For example, you can preview a merge before it actually happens and see exactly what deleting a branch will erase regarding commits that are vital to the project.

The second big strength of Vershd is just how much it manages to simplify the whole workflow. It does so with its remarkably user-friendly GUI that provides you with clear, separate views of all the branches, commits, pending files, stashes, and so forth.

To give you an idea about the importance of this, you can use the Files slider to view all the commits on any given branch. Better yet, using the app’s advanced context menus, you can also search for commits via specific keywords, and compare working files with anterior or latest versions of various files.


The app is marketed as “the effortless Git GUI,” and, by all accounts, it surely is. It’s designed to help new users better grasp the complexities of Git by offering them all the necessary tools to protect themselves and their projects from errors and accidental deletions, as well as to greatly improve their workflow, which is exactly what a good Git GUI should do.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Vershd and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂