Protect your new apps from hackers and reverse engineering, as well as reduce their overall sizes by relying on this simple yet efficient software packer

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Software packers, also often referred to as runtime packers, software protectors, or executable compressors are utilities designed to help software developers to protect their apps against various threats such as hacking, cracking, and reverse engineering.

Alienyze is a software packer designed to do just that while offering the additional benefit of helping software developers to also compress the executable files, allowing them to reduce the file size of their software as much as possible.

Some of the app’s main features include an anti-debugger engine that detects and bypasses present debuggers, an anti-sandbox technique that detects virtualized environments, as well as an engine capable of checking the integrity of an app to prevent code tampering.

The app is also capable of encrypting the executables’ code, as well as running real-time protection for running target applications. As mentioned before, there’s also an option that helps users compress their apps so that they ensure that the final product is not on the bulky side of things.

Alienyze can be run on most modern computers without requiring installation. The app is easy to use, mostly thanks to a user-friendly GUI that allows users to load the executables in question either using the designated dialog box or directly via drag and drop.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Alienyze and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂