Properly manage multiple projects with the help of this efficient application that provides instant code search, source file locator, and index management for multiple projects

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Blink is a cross-platform (available for Windows and Linux) index management application that delivers instant, offline code search, directory file listing, and multiple other useful features of the sort.

The application is portable meaning that it does not require installation. Using Blink is pretty straightforward: users simply have to run the app from its home folder, drop the project folder into the window below the profile, type in the file extensions, profile name, source directory path, header, and source file masks and, optionally, labels.

Next, users need to right-click the profile name (visible in the GUI), click the “Rebuild Symbol” option, double click the profile name again to activate the project, and then click “Load.” From this point onwards, users can start file filtering and code searching on the file and symbol tab.

Besides the index search (capable of comparing to ack or ripgrep), Blink also boasts autocomplete support for queries, support for drag, and support for filenames. Another advantage this app provides is the fact that it allows users to work with multiple projects, switching between them easily via the individual index.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Blink and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂