A comprehensive PDF management tool that you can use to split, merge, convert, lock and unlock PDF files, all without too much hassle

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When it comes to managing PDF files, there are dozens of software tools you can choose from, but few offer all-in-one functionality. Cigati PDF Manager delivers a comprehensive suite of tools for PDF manipulation, enabling you to perform various operations that would otherwise require the presence of multiple individual software utilities.

The application’s dashboard is where you can choose the function you need and load the corresponding application. Cigati PDF Manager comes with a PDF splitter, a joiner, a PDF extractor, a built-in converter, and a tool to password-protect private documents. You can load any of these functions with a single click.

Seamlessly split and merge PDF files 

The PDF splitter can split a multi-page PDF into several smaller documents. You can choose to split the input by a page range or isolate specific PDF pages. Moreover, the application enables you to split the PDF by a certain size, completely disregarding the number of pages.

Before proceeding to split the file, you can edit the PDF file description and optionally protect the resulting PDF files with a password.

Thanks to the PDF merger tool, you can easily combine multiple PDF files of any size. The result is a large PDF document where the order of pages matches the one you set when joining the files.

Lock an PDF documents to protect your privacy 

If you are worried that your files will be intercepted, then you should know that Cigati PDF Manager also comes with a PDF locker, which protects files with a password. You can process a single PDF file but note that batch operations are also possible.

Up to 256-bit AES encryption is supported and, additionally, you can also change the permissions of the output PDF file. As such, it is possible to set restrictions on printing the file or extracting content from it, modifying annotations, filling forms and modify its content.

A PDF extractor and a converter 

The PDF extractor is another of the available tools in the suite. It can get images, texts and fonts from the loaded PDF file, either from the whole document or from certain pages.

Last but not least, the PDF exporter can convert a PDF file to HTML, text or an image. PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP files are the compatible formats.

Several tools into a single package 

As you can see, Cigati PDF Manager bundles various tools for PDF file manipulation. However, keep in mind that it does not come with a PDF editor, which you will have to get from elsewhere. Nevertheless, it does provide features for handling documents that you surely need if you are frequently using PDF files.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Cigati PDF Manager and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂