A clipboard manager that conveniently stores the most recent ten items you copied, allowing you to choose which to paste from the system tray menu

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Copying and pasting text and files is probably the most widely used command on a computer. By default, the Windows clipboard only stores the last item that you copied or cut. In other words, when you press the well-known key combinations CTRL-C or CTRL-X, the content of the clipboard is automatically overwritten by the newly cut or copied items.

This is the default behavior in Windows and one of the complaint reasons of users, which encouraged developers to create various clipboard management applications. One of them is Decacopy.

Stores the last ten clipboard entries 

This particular application is nothing more than a software tool that remembers the clipboard history. As its name suggests, it can preserve the last ten text items copied to the clipboard, allowing you to select the one you want to paste. To put it another way, with Decacopy it is possible to use any of the last ten clipboard entries, not just the latest.

Once installed, Decacopy runs silently in the background, which means it does not interfere with your work at all. On the contrary, when you need to see the stored clipboard entries, it is right there at your disposal, ready to help, in the system tray.

A multiple clipboard with minimum functionality 

Clicking on the tray icon reveals the main menu of Decacopy, which comprises a list of the last ten entries in the Windows clipboard. The selected text is the one currently stored in the clipboard, the one that is pasted if you press CTRL-V. You can easily select another entry with your mouse cursor.   There are no additional options for Decacopy. Its functionality is limited to storing the last ten clipboard entries and allows you to choose the one to paste, which is exactly what you can achieve by activating the “clipboard history” function in Windows 10.

Unfortunately, only text can be remembered by Decacopy, as images are not allowed. It is a handy tool, ultimately, as it saves you time and clicks, improving your overall workflow. Nevertheless, some of its competitors do offer more, such as storing images in the clipboard and clipboard editing features. 

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Decacopy and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂