Quickly draft notes and ideas directly in Chrome’s New Tab page, as well as save and share them with your team in the Slite workspace

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Saving a good idea as soon as it comes to you is something worth doing on a daily basis, especially if you happen to work in a field that requires a lot of creativity and proactivity.

And, what better way to scribble down those nifty ideas if not with the help of your web browser? After all, for most of us, browsers are the most-used apps on our PCs.

Small word editor in Chrome’s New Tab Page

That’s why you might want to check out a nifty, little Chrome extension called Draft by Slite. As its name makes it quite clear, it’s designed by the team behind Slite, a modern, combined workspace that allows you to write, organize, and share your docs with your team.

Handy note editor useful for everybody, not just Slite users

The extension provides a smooth word editor in Chrome’s New Tab Page for quick notes and ideas. Of course, notes and documents can be saved to your Slite workspace, but the real beauty of this unique editor is that you don’t actually have to be a Slite user to use it.

That’s right – you can just install the extension, and save your spur-of-the-moment ideas directly in Chrome. Of course, you can use it for whatever suits your needs. You can just as easily write poems, fiction, keep a daily task or to-do list; the choice is yours. Last but not least, your notes are automatically saved even if you close the tab, making this tool quite convenient to use.


Regardless of you being a Slite user or not, this little extension might help you become more proactive with both your professional and personal tasks. Of course, Slite users will be able to make the most of its functionality (since drafts can be sent directly to the Slite workspace), but that’s not to say that everyone else won’t find it useful.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Draft by Slite and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂