Easily extract and copy files from one directory to another, with this application that supports extension-based file identification

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Having the ability to sort files on your PC can go beyond the classic, default options provided in your Windows operating system, especially if particular, detailed selections are in order. What that means, is, being able to choose only particular files, based on criteria, such as extension, and work with them from there. ExtractFrom will allow you to perform such selections, using the files extensions, and copy the said files to a directory of your choosing.

Basic setup, accompanied by an even simpler interface

The application features a truly basic layout, with only the “bare necessities”, which cover the input, selection, and output, correspondently. One can choose an input folder for running the file selection, but this can only be done using the provided navigator.

Consequently, the file extension which is of interest can be written into its corresponding field, but only one extension at a time can be used. This might not be ideal, as some could prefer to select several file types simultaneously.

Oversimplified build and lack of more advanced selection options

Indeed, simplicity is key, regardless of the application, but lack thereof can also induce issues, as is the case with ExtractFrom. For instance, having the ability to select several file types simultaneously, or, to specify ranges, could be useful.

Furthermore, even the simplest functionality traits of modern apps, such as drag-and-drop capabilities are missing, making interaction with the app somewhat cumbersome, especially for those who are used to such approaches.

No-brainer app that offers simple handling for those who need to identify and copy files with ease

This basic application was designed in order to help users select files based on their extensions. Providing minimalist handling and a crude interface, it can prove to be ideal for novices or those who prefer a simple solution for file handling.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ExtractFrom and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂