This application will help you (also can force you!) to take a break if you are working on your PC for a long time using configurable times

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When working on the computer for long periods of time, you might get so absorbed that you forget to take a break. Since this might lead to headaches and loss of concentration, a dedicated software solution can be the solution. Eyes Guard is one such utility.

Microsoft Store app

First of all, you need to make you have a valid account for Microsoft Store, otherwise you cannot download and install the application.

Next, you only need to stand by and wait until the installation is complete and you can access the main window. Eyes Guard runs at Windows startup so it can constantly remind you to take breaks.

User-friendly interface

The GUI is straightforward and minimalist, which is meant to help beginners make the most of it. The app sits quietly in the system tray, and its main window only becomes visible when it is time for your scheduled break.

Additionally, you can view a system tray notification when it is almost time for an upcoming long break.

Create a break schedule

By default, Eyes Guard reminds you to take a short break every 20 minutes and a long one every hour. Nonetheless, you can customize this schedule and the duration of the breaks according to your preferences.

Moreover, you can also examine the statistics  to get an idea of how many breaks and pauses you have taken during a work days. You can also view the ones that you failed to take.

Enforce breaks

If you know that sometimes you tend to skip breaks, you have the possibility to enforce them due to a dedicated setting. This way, your computer gets locked and you have no other choice but to stand up and go for a walk.


All in all, Eyes Guard can help you improve your overall performance by reminding you to take frequent breaks.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Eyes Guard and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂