Collaborate efficiently and super-quickly with your teammates using a program and service that is action-orientated and offers the necessary resources for fast ideas implementations

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Hive is the kind of tool that benefits those who are action-orientated. This project management tool has plenty of action-centered features that are meant to boost your inner drive.

Action-orientated project plans and templates

Hive is a planning hub for teams that need to take action, be fast, and act coherently with their planing and KPIs and goals. The program offers templates for different types of projects and plans. For each task and thing that needs to be done, you can add, in its Action Card, all the necessaries for quickly defining each team member’s role and contribution — assign roles, attach files, create subactions, set dependencies, and add comments/mentions.

Besides individual task organization, the tool also allows for personal tracking and workload management. In Hive, you can choose to customize your own action list, based on the most important fields and considering your priorities. The list will display in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow list, all other Action Cards where you are mention, alongside your corresponding tasks.

Progress monitoring and seamless communication

With Hive, you always can monitor your personal and/or your team’s performance. You have easy access to a centralized section for seeing all interactions, comments, and feedback given on a specific task. For even more transparency, all team members can communicate with each other inside the app; also, they can handle the email integration option to always stay up to date with whatever is happening.

Using AI and machine learning algorithms, Hive will enable access to sophisticated and insightful dashboards that generate actionable data and feedback. These include insights about the team’s productivity pulses and risk evaluations. Thanks to both the time tracking and the timesheet reporting options, you can clearly estimate and track time spent on given tasks.


To conclude, Hive is a super-efficient way of quickly putting together a solid strategy and to automate repetitive processes. You will definitely manage to get an overall performance improvement by reducing the time spent on non-essential tasks and productivity killers. Using Hive, all teams would get more clarity and a deeper understanding of all the tasks and other internal processes.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Hive and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂