A simple software uninstaller that enables you to mark multiple applications for removing, loading the uninstallers one after another

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Windows comes with its own application uninstaller, available in the Control Panel. While this is enough for most users, others prefer going to third-party tools to keep track of the installed software and remove the programs they no longer want or need on their computer. There are various tools out there one can choose from when it comes to uninstallers, some better than others. However, if you are looking for a straightforward solution, OnyxUninstaller might be the answer.

Simple uninstaller for your computer 

As an application that can tamper with the structure of the system, OnyxUninstaller requires administrative rights to run. It requires no installation and is ready to go in seconds. Its interface is simple and clean, only comprising a table populated by all the applications that are installed on the host computer.

The table contains multiple columns that reveal the name of the software, the date it was installed and its installation location. Moreover, it shows the main page of the URL it was downloaded from and the version that is currently available on the local PC. All the entries can be sorted using columns in the table header as the main criteria. For instance, clicking on the product name column sorts all the data by name, alphabetically.

If your computer hosts lots and lots of application, the list might end up being very long. That is why OnyxUninstaller comes with additional filtering options, which means you can filter the data in the table by name. Unfortunately, no other criteria can be applied.

Uninstall multiple applications at once 

To uninstall an application, you must tick the corresponding uninstall box and press the Uninstall button. The interesting thing about OnyxUninstaller is that it allows batch removals, using a bot to start the uninstallers of each software marked for uninstall.

An uninstaller that requires further improvements 

OnyxUninstaller is a simple solution and does its job, helping you quickly uninstall applications on your PC. Nevertheless, unlike its competitors, it lacks a few features that are usually sought after by computer users. For instance, it might happen that an application simply refuses to be removed from the local system and, usually, uninstallers feature forced removals that can solve this issue. 

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used OnyxUninstaller and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂