This specialized application allows you effortlessly draw customized shaped firework effects for use with your installation of FWsim

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Fireworks aficionados and those who enjoy dwelling deeper than the average person into fireworks knowledge and aesthetics might have stumbled upon FWsim at least once in their “investigations”. There are multiple ways of designing the firework patterns for the simulations and Shape Shell Generator for FWsim proposes an easy-to-use, minimalist fireworks effect designer, which carries several pre-defined templates.

Save your fireworks effects templates and import them whenever necessary

The app initializes to a simple, minimalist interface, which carries all the required elements for one to define a particular fireworks effect. One will be able to easily save the selected shape for later use or, clear the design for a new attempt.

Furthermore, once saved, each of the effects can be later re-imported, for adjustments or, imported directly to or from the FWsim environment altogether.

Choose one of the three, pre-defined effects and select a corresponding star type for each

The application comes pre-packed with three main effect templates, each sporting a different depicted shape. One of the more advanced options that are available under the app’s preferences menu, will enable one to adjust the stars contained within the effect.

Consequently, users can select regular, small, large, as well as two, custom effects for the stars, which depict sparks or falling leaves. There is, however, no actual editor interface for performing other, more advanced adjustments to the fireworks effects and this could bother more demanding users.

Basic fireworks effects editor that can complement your installation of FWsim

Try-out this minimalist fireworks effect editor, if you seek for a quick way of defining several new templates for your FWsim batch of effects. Bear in mind though, that Shape Shell Generator for FWsim is really basic and doesn’t come with any advanced editing capabilities, except for some adjustment in terms of star characteristics.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Shape Shell Generator for FWsim and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂