An easy and intuitive application that allows you to effortlessly enable/disable your computer’s camera, microphone, and Bluetooth

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Privacy needs to be taken very seriously, regardless of one’s area of expertise. When dealing with computers, the issue becomes all the more serious, considering the amount of data that can be exfiltrated following a successful attack.

So if you want to make sure your privacy is protected, you can start with small steps, such as disabling various sensitive devices from your PC – and Shut+ is one solution you can rely on.

Microsoft Store app

Since this is a security-driven software solution, it makes sense for it to run only on the latest available operating system (as it is usually the safest one).

Furthermore, you need to download and install it from Microsoft Store, so a compatible account is also required. On the upside, no user interaction is needed during installation, so you can simply sit back and wait until the process is complete.

User-friendly appearance

The main window of Shut+ is not only intuitive but also minimalist, without unnecessary buttons or menus. Its dashboard displays a panel for each supported device, so you can easily enable or disable.

More specifically, you can deactivate the camera, the microphone or the Bluetooth functionality with a few mouse clicks.

Analyze detailed logs

If the state of one of these devices is modified outside of Shut+, a warning message is triggered and you can explore the logs to review what happened.

Moreover, you can enter a certain date in the search box and have the app display only the logs from that specific day, thus saving you the effort and time to browse through all the list.

To summarize

In a nutshell, Shut+ can help you quickly disable your camera, microphone, or Bluetooth to protect your privacy. You can enable them only when a needed app asks for it, thus making sure no private data can be extracted in the meantime.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Shut+ and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂